The compound contained in magic mushrooms that causes hallucinogenic effects is psilocybin. It has powerful properties that ancient civilizations already used as a medicinal treatment, and that scientists have now begun to experiment for the treatment of depression, migraines, anxiety due to cancer, and addiction to drugs such as alcohol or cocaine.
However, even in a clinical setting, investigating with magic mushrooms has significant legal obstacles, and the few researchers who dare to investigate with it must go through a long and expensive pilgrimage.

Psilocybin as a substance psychedelika, if administered in a controlled manner, in a clinical setting, and at the appropriate doses, can reconfigure the brains of people with depression and eliminate the loop of negative thoughts that feedback into the illness.
Science has developed structurally modified hallucinogenic substances that fulfill the same functions as the original substancesto continue with the studies and serve many people who require this substance. The homolog of psilocybin is the substance 4-aco-dmt.
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